Mount Shasta, CA

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Oh man, every one you should have this mystical beauty and magical bracelet! Where do we start with Mt Shasta; the Native American legends, panthers meadow, the Lemurians that lived in a complex city of tunnels beneath the mountain, mystic power, wonders, ring of fire, active volcano, elevation 14,180, or UFO's sightings, see, we told you, it's full of powerful stories!

Native Americans have observed Mount Shasta as a sacred mountain from time immemorial; they viewed the mountain and its surroundings as holy ground; it is thought to be one of the first earthly places created by the Great Spirit. Pulses of human occupation surrounding Mount Shasta have been traced back to around the end of the last Ice Age, some 11,000 years ago, marking this area of northern California as one of the oldest, continually occupied regions in North America

Today experts recognize that these “sacred sites” around the world influence human consciousness and other living organisms in a number of unusual and remarkable ways. They have become colloquially known as ancient “power spots,” places where people commonly experience unusual phenomenon such as UFO-related activity, portals into other dimensions, consciousness-altering experiences, and other paranormal-phenomenon. Every bead is made with earth gathered from Mt. Shasta, CA