Orange Beach, Alabama

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Wow! Much more than a  beach town along Alabama's gulf coast, right before you get to the Florida A map shows Columbus’ sailors stopping for food and water while in route to Mexico. That map was published in 1507. Razorbacks, horses, and chicken were introduced to the area by Hernando De Soto. An Indian burial ground revealed 8 foot tall skeletons after being eroded by a strong storm. Florida Indians reportedly told Ponce de Leon that the Fountain of Youth lay west near the land of the giants. Archaeologists claim that some of the Indian mounds found are older than the Egyptian pyramids. The Indian chief of the Mabila Tribe, Tuscaloosa, was 7 foot tall himself. Pirates were once so prolific along the coast that England sent a fleet of ships to protect their commercial ships. Many say there is still treasure to be found. Every Bead is made with the Sand gathered from the Orange Beach Alabama!